LP released: Oct 27, 2023

Side A
1. Lessons Of The Fire - Bishop Briggs
2. The Water Is Wide - Fay Wolf
3. Salvation From The Dawn - Will Bates And Mariah Manser
4. The Gift Of The Rose - Isabella Summers And Elise Mcqueen
Side B
1. Devil In Ohio Suite - Will Bates
Label: MONDO
Cat No: MOND286B
Barcode: 0850010229652
Packaging: LP (100g)

Midwestern psychiatrist Suzanne Mathis' world is turned upside down when she decides to protect Mae, a fragile
teenager on the run from a cult. As Suzanne's daughter Jules begins to suspect there's more to Mae's story, a series of incidents -
seemingly brought on by Mae's presence - leave the family in chaos. Soon the Mathis family is fighting for survival against a strange
cult while Suzanne and a local police detective try to unravel the clues of Mae's past and sinister happenings in the town she escaped.
Adapted from Daria Polatin's best-selling book inspired by true events, DEVIL IN OHIO is a thrilling, shocking tale of demonic
mayhem and mystery in the heart of small-town America.
British composer Will Bates incredible work on DEVIL IN OHIO began with a hymn for the cult, written before shooting. It expanded
with songs for Bishop Briggs and Maiah Manser, with melodies for hurdy-gurdy and synth, until it became a haunting world of its
own, blending score, soundtrack and diegesis. Now, together with Netflix Music, we're excited to release DIO's first-ever full-length
soundtrack on vinyl.
Composed by Various Artists
Manufactured in Czech Republic