LP released: Apr 28, 2023

1. Emanate
2. Heavy With Shadows
3. Treacherous
4. Heartless Enemy
5. Big Needles
6. Sharks That Circle
7. In Jetstreams
8. Laser Eyes

Taking its name from the 50-foot effigy burned every year by a hysterical mob during the Fiestas De Santa Fe in Santa Fe, NM, Zozobra is the brainchild of Caleb Scofield (Cave In / Old Man Gloom) and, to carry on his musical legacy, the two Zozobra albums Harmonic Tremors (2007) and Bird Of Prey (2008) can now be streamed everywhere on all streaming platforms once again. Also both albums will see their respective vinyl releases, the first time they will be officially issued on vinyl for widespread distribution (previous editions were tour-only editions and the Caleb memorial version). Following on the seismic heels of Harmonic Tremors, Bird Of Prey was originally released in 2008 via Hydra Head Records respectively and features drummer Aaron Harris (Isis), who also recorded and mixed the album. Scofield's second full-length under the Zozobra moniker is a white-hot exploder shot through with snaking melody lines and implacable riffs. From front to back, Scofield's signature roar is tempered by his own gleaming backup chants; meanwhile, an arsenal of guitars alternately churns and shimmers in the flames of Zozobra's effigial namesake.

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