LP released: Jun 21, 2024

Side A
1. Devil's Whore
2. Red Ripper
3. Call Of The Wild
4. Torso
5. The Cycle
Side B
6. Heart Of Darkness
7. Cold Embrace
8. The Witching Bell
9. Night Demon
10. Dark Path

ZOMBEAST are back with their heaviest, darkest, and most frenzied
material to date - their new album "Heart Of Darkness"! Influenced by
Danzig, AFI, Mercyful Fate, and 80's punk, death rock, and thrash metal,
ZOMBEAST has crafted a perfect crossover blend of dark punk and thrash.
The lyrics, written by Mario Montechello, explore everything from the true
horrors of life to the occult and lycanthropy. With the addition of Alex Young
(lead guitar) and Kyle Smith (drums), this album also breaks new technical
ground that's never been seen before by the band.

Thunderous drums and dueling guitars meet iconic vocals on this long-
awaited new album - don't miss it!