LP released: Apr 19, 2024

1. Intro
2. Universal Avatar
3. Banshee
4. Garden Wall
5. First Of July
6. Brittle Pillars
7. Circling Bird
8. Rip It Off
9. I Can See

Yeast Machine releases their debut album. Calm-Voltage-Sensation.REM
sleep on caffeine. Dream away, then open your eyes. Born in 90s grunge,
raised in heavy stoner and fuzz, Yeast Machine is blazing its way that
doesn't yet exist. Organic, raw, drop-fanatic and for those who have always
wanted to listen to yeast rise. With vocals that echo the spirit of Jim
Morrison and guitars that threaten to overwhelm from all sides. Since 2021,
Yeast Machine have been creating their own raw sound, constantly
oscillating between loud and quiet, celebrating catchiness without turning
down the fuzz pedal even a little bit. Two guitars and bass, psychedelic
atmospheric downtempo parts and a rough, varied vocals are characteristic
for the band. In terms of content, SLEAZE oscillates between melancholy,
transience and madness.

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