LP released: Jun 02, 2023

1. Just A Scene - Ydegirl
2. Energy - Ydegirl
3. Breezing Back And Forth Between - Ydegirl
4. Zodiac - Ydegirl
5. Mini Spiral - Ydegirl
6. Spiral Girl - Ydegirl
7. You Re Dead Inside - Ydegirl
8. Parody Of Crime - Ydegirl
9. Valley Song - Ydegirl
Label: ESCHO
Cat No: ESC125
Barcode: 5056321695123
Packaging: LP (100g)

Limited to 500 copies on clear swirly vinyl colored with swamp extract + double sided 70x100 cm poster with album art and lyrics. On Ydegirl, the Copenhagen and Berlin-based musician Andrea Novel channels women from the past to find healing in her own present. The album's themes span time and her body's adaption to its changing passages, of places — both real and imagined — and her relationship to them. The songs exist in a limbo, fragmented state, reflecting Andrea's desire to challenge the concept of wholeness as the ideal. 'I wanted to embrace being on the cusp, and not idealizing the wholesome or homogenous sound or form of storytelling,' Novel says of the album. 'It’s more a collage work where I’ve been patching together the corners of my sound and mind, and then from different angles letting through all the voices, fantasies, moods and memories I have inside. The good and bad, the clear and distorted, the desired and unwanted, the ancient and yet to come.' Ydegirl stages modern day r&b and pop elements in a Nordic baroque scene, using classical instruments like clarinet, guitar and violin in the same breath as synthesizers and electronic drum patterns. Center to the music is her captivating voice, interlacing feelings of past, present and future in unique sonic arrangements. In Yde in the Netherlands in 1897, a 2000 year-old body of a girl was found in a local bog, remarkably preserved thanks to the effects of the acid in the peat. When found her head was partly shaved and her chest and pelvis almost dissolved. It’s an image that’s stayed with Danish artist Andrea Novel, inspiring not just her stage name Ydegirl, but also acting as something of a muse for the tightrope walking tension of her haunting chamber pop. Novel shared her first project as Ydegirl in 2019 with her debut EP notes19, a collection of self-produced songs that play out like an intimate diary, secret tellings of desires, plans and turmoil, creating sparks of energy around her artistic practice. Since her debut, Ydegirl has performed across Europe including a recent gallery show in London, Vega in Copenhagen, and at multiple festivals across Scandinavia including Norway's by:Larm and Denmark's SPOT. Ydegirl is Novel's debut album.