LP released: Sep 22, 2023

Side A
1. Backwards Again
2. Alarm Clock Radio
3. Something I've Never Seen
4. Hockey Card Convention
5. One By One
6. I Get Up When I Want
7. Bad Times Good Company
Side B
1. Answers
2. Minor Role On Endless Scroll
3. I Feel Ok Having Nothing To Do
4. Run Away
5. Wicketkeeper
6. The Last Thing I Ever Said

Instrument-swapping London/Margate trio Wicketkeeper create a loose, breezy jangle-rock that's been likened to Ultimate Painting and Teenage Fanclub. A laid back, fuzzy racket comprised of fizzing guitars interweaving with buoyant basslines and layered harmonised vocals.

They followed a split 12" with Car Seat Headrest with their debut album Shonk in 2020.
Zambroni was self-recorded at home, rather than in a live-room, which enabled the band to play with dynamics and broader arrangements, layering multiple guitar and vocal tracks for the first time, resulting in a more melodic, considered and playful record.