LP released: Jul 05, 2024

Side A
1. On The Balcony At Sunrise
2. Hashish Dreams
3. Always Better
4. Telepathic Tacos
Side B
1. Beachside Drive
2. A Good Morning
3. Smile While You're Sleeping
4. Looking Through Balearic Es

Warriors Of The Dystotheque was started as a production project about ten years ago by Jonny Mac. This iteration of
the band is the first time that all the participants have met in real life and fully integrated a mass of contrasting sounds, ideas and
Growing up in the Troubles in Northern Ireland; the 90s rave days; life in the sunshine in Florida; a mash-up of live and electronic
music; friendship and loss; Ibiza sunlight and dark cloudy nights; despair and enlightenment; and the power of music to lift us up and
create joy and harmony, which, we hope you can agree, really is a beautiful thing.
Jonny Mac says - "It feels like we've joined the dots on this album, it sounds more like the band coming together than the online
project. It's A Beautiful Thing."