CD released: Jan 31, 2020

1. Save The Best For Me - The Determination (Previously Unissued Edited Version)
2. Do You Feel It - Act I
3. I Love You More Than Anything - Ray Godfrey (Previously Unissued 1970 Spring Recording)
4. Since You've Been Gone - Garland Green (Previously Unissued Edited Version)
5. Magic's In The Air - Ronnie Walker
6. If You Could Turn Into Me - The Fatback Band
7. Your Time To Cry - Joe Simon
8. I'm The Other Half Of You - Maxine Weldon (Previously Unissued 1973 Spring Recording)
9. Forever - Clare Bath
10. The Storm Is Passing Over - Jackie Verdell
11. Plenty Of Love - C-brand
12. Beauty (Is In The Eye Of The Beholder) - The Joneses
13. Hold On - Ray Godfrey (Previously Unissued 1979 Spring Recording)
14. Kill The Monster - Flower Shoppe
15. If We Get Caught, I Don't Know You - Phillip Mitchell
16. If You Say You Love Me - Us (Previously Unissued 1975 Spring Recording)
17. Falling In Love - Victor Tavares (Previously Unissued 1975 Spring Recording)
18. (i Have Fallen Into) The Tender Trap - Leroy Randolph
19. Boiling Like Water - The Equations
20. Sugar Plum (Give Me Some) - Little Eva Harris (Originally Unissued 1968 Spring Recording)
21. Get Right - Richard Barbary
22. Daddy's Coming Home - Prince Harold
23. Of Your Life - Vernon Brown
24. I Ride Alone - The Internationals
Cat No: CDKEND487
Barcode: 029667097529
Packaging: CD Regular

New York label Spring, and its Event and Posse
subsidiaries, were very active from 1967 up to the late
We have chosen the most soulful tracks that have so
far not appeared on Kent CDs and have found six
completed recordings that were previously unreleased.
Two of these are ballads, one of which is Maxine
Weldon's stunning version of Ray Godfrey's song 'I'm
The Other Half Of You' and there is a new unknown,
sweet soul song from one-time Tavares member Victor
Tavares. Ray Godfrey features heavily with two
unissued dance tracks - the Joe Simon-covered 'I Love
You More Than Anything' and the previously unheard
song 'Hold On'. The Determinations' opener 'Save The
Best For Me' is another of his great songs, previously
only on a rare LP. Other 70s dancers come from Ronnie
Walker, Act I and the Joneses. More ballads are
provided by Joe Simon, Leroy Randolph and,
surprisingly, the Fatback Band. 60s uptempo soul
comes from Prince Harold, Little Eva Harris and
Richard Barbary.
The offerings of the Internationals, US and Vernon
Brown are harder to categorise; quirky and worthy but
in their own individual styles. The great songwriter
Phillip Mitchell went funky on his "Jody" song 'If We
Get Caught (I Don't Know You)' as did Phil Flowers with
his heavy guitar-infused 'Kill The Monster'. Philly girls
the Equations sing the poppy and catchy 'Boiling Like
Water', Jackie Verdell gives us gospel in a modern soul
setting and C-Brand take us into the 80s with their two-
stepper 'Plenty Of Love'. This is a catholic selection for
lovers of soul through its most interesting eras.