LP released: Mar 03, 2023

Side A
1. A1. Nuha Ruby Ra - My Voice
2. A2. Lande Hekt - Gay Space Cadets
3. A3. Panic Shack - The Ick
4. A4. Sinead O Brien - Like Culture
5. A5. Ciel - Baby Don't You Know
6. A6. Brix Smith - Fast Net
7. A7. Momma - Motorbike
8. A8. Dream Wife - Leech
Side B
1. B1. Los Bitchos - Las Panteras
2. B2. Peaness - How I'm Feeling
3. B3. Girl Ray - Everybody'S Saying That?
4. B4. Arxx Ft. Pillow Queens - Call Me Crazy
5. B5. Roe - I Can Change
6. B6. Ailbhe Reddy - Walk Away
7. B7. Lexie Carroll - The Sky Looked Nice Today
8. B8. Dana Gavanski - I Kiss The Night

Label Two-Piers announce new compilation Music Against Misogyny, released for International Women's Day 2023 (Wednesday 8 th March). This 'Charity' Compilation features artists such as Brix Smith, Panic Shack, Sinead O'Brien, Los Bitchos, Girl Ray, Peaness, Dream Wife, Nuha Ruby Ra, Lande Hekt, Dana Gavanski, CIEL, Momma, ARXX, and more. It has been created to raise awareness of the work and challenges women face daily as well as to celebrate women's achievements. With this, they are working to challenge gender stereotypes and discrimination whilst fighting for inclusion and equality, not only in the music industry.