CD released: Jul 29, 2022
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1. Lady Friend - The Byrds
2. My World Fell Down - Sagittarius
3. So You Say You Lost Your Baby - Gene Clark
4. Just One More Chance - The Hondells
5. A Go-go Getter - Keith Green
6. Louise - Keith Allison
7. School Is A Gas - The Wheel Men
8. Baby What I Mean - The Spiral Starecase
9. Sunstroke - Chad Stuart & Jeremy Clyde
10. I Wish You Didn't Treat Me So Well - Chuck & Joe
11. Shame Girl - The Neptunes
12. I Don't Wanna Say Goodnight - The Forte Four
13. An Angel Cried - The Castells
14. Catch A Little Ride With Me - The Surfaris
15. Cod'ine - Sean & The Brandywines
16. You Ain't Going Nowhere - The Byrds
17. Body Go Round - The Wackers
18. Take My Hand - The Sons Of Adam
19. Show Me, Girl - The Hondells
20. What Am I Gonna Do - The Guild
21. Let's Go To Heaven In My Car - Brian Wilson
22. Shame, Shame - Keith Colley
23. It's A Happening Thing - The Peanut Butter Conspiracy
24. Happy In Hollywood - California
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Barcode: 029667106429
Packaging: CD Regular

Gary Usher grew up as an avid radio listener and record
collector, and soon realised that he wanted to forge a
career in music. After a handful of stabs as a recording
artist, he settled into writing and arranging for various
West Coast companies. Early in the 60s, as he was
given more responsibility in recording studios, he built
up a crack team of talented musical buddies who he
used on many of his sessions. This culminated in the
string of singles and albums that rode the surf, drag
and hot rod craze. As well as producing, he wrote,
arranged and sang on many of these releases.
However, as this collection proves, there were a
growing number of other strings to Usher's bow.
Working as a staff producer for US Decca and later
Columbia Records, his keen ear for new musical genres
meant that he was always in the forefront of popular
music, often venturing into the world of folk rock,
sunshine pop, psychedelia and country rock. He
worked with luminaries such as the Byrds, Gene Clark,
Glen Campbell, Curt Boettcher and Brian Wilson, as
well as releasing "phantom" group records cut by his
regular behind-the-scenes colleagues.
This compilation, the first to cover the real width and
variety of Usher's career, takes us from the mid-60s
through to the 80s and quite rightly places him
alongside better-known West Coast record producers
such as Lou Adler, Phil Spector, Brian Wilson and Jack