3CD released: Jun 23, 2023

1. Ticket To Ride - Vanilla Fudge
2. Iron Butterfly Theme - Iron Butterfly
3. Summertime Blues - Blue Cheer
4. The Ostrich (Album Version) - Steppenwolf
5. Remlap's Cave Part Ii - The Savage Resurrection
6. Man Who Paints The
7. Pictures - Fever Tree
8. Why Should I Care - The Sound Barrier
9. Pride Of Man - Quicksilver Messenger Service
10. My Own Life - Easy Chair
11. Chicken Wire Lady - Blues Magoos
12. April 15th - The Human Beinz
13. Plastic People -wildwood
14. The War Rages On - Mass
15. Confusion Rock Band
16. Black Sheep - Src
17. Let's Spend The Night
18. Together - Muddy Waters
19. Crazy Woman - Dragonfly
20. Hot Smoke And Sasafrass - The Bubble Puppy
21. Good Morning Day - Omnibus
22. Mister Genie Man - Society's Children
23. Blow My Mind - Darius
24. Nightrider - Kim Fowley
25. Kick Out The Jams - Mc5
26. Time Seller - Stack
27. Under The Ice - Nazz
28. Fields Of Regret - Alice Cooper
29. Oceans Inside Me - Stone Garden
30. I Wanna Be Your Dog - The Stooges
31. Dark-eyed Woman - Spirit
32. Journeys - The Litter
33. Robert Montgomery - Love
34. Donovan's Monkey - Stalk-forrest Group
35. Wicked Woman - Coven
36. Welcome To The Void - Morgen
37. Babylon - Conception
38. House Of The Rising Sun - Frijid Pink
39. Sad Day - Fuse
40. Mississippi Queen - Mountain
41. No Parking (Live) - Gold
42. Dark Road - Christopher
43. Self-made Gold - Brigade
44. Death Of A Virgin - Damnation Of Adam Blessing
45. Neighbor, Neighbor - Zz Top
46. Twisted Flower - Cold Sun
47. Stars In The Sky - Wildfire
48. Helium Head (I Got A Love) - Sir Lord Baltimore
49. Time And Changes - B. F. Trike
50. Face The Crowd - Demian
51. Road Runner - Head Over Heels
52. Montreal Jail - Boomerang
53. Evil - Cactus
54. B.R.T.C.D. - Bolder Damn
55. Never Coming Down - Estes Brothers
56. Transmaniacon Mc - Blue -yster Cult
57. You Can - Earthen Vessel
58. The Queen - Bang
59. My Time Is Over - Sudden Death
60. It Swallowed The Sun - The Flow
61. Suicide - Dust
62. Love Jumped Through My Window - Arthur Lee
63. Is It My Name - Todd Rundgren
64. You Know - Stray Dog
65. We're An American Band - Grand Funk
Barcode: 5013929193000
Packaging: 3CD Regular Box Set

Four-hour 3CD set charting the birth and early development of American hard rock. In the late 60s, the parallel emergence of psychedelia and the blues-based power trio format saw pop evolve into rock. In America, bands became harder, heavier, rawer and louder to a backdrop of the Vietnam War, street drugs and increasingly powerful amps. Commercially successful acts like Vanilla Fudge, Steppenwolf, Blue Cheer and Iron Butterfly spearheaded a new wave of bands whose sound would later be codified as heavy metal. Over three CDs and four hours of music, 'We're An American Band' charts hard rock's evolution during the late 60s and early 70s, culminating in Grand Funk's game-changing, chart-topping late 1973 single of the same name. In addition to the aforementioned bands, we feature the likes of Alice Cooper, The Stooges, ZZ Top, MC5 and Love, hard rock dilettantes (Todd Rundgren, Kim Fowley, even Muddy Waters) and such pioneers as Kurt Cobain-endorsed satanic rockers Coven and early metalheads Sir Lord Baltimore. We include tracks from some of the most valuable vinyl LPs on the planet (Bolder Damn, Brigade), ultra-rare local singles (The Mass Confusion Rock Band, Wildwood) and vital music that went unreleased at the time (B. F. Trike, Cold Sun, etc). With accompanying 48-page booklet, 'We're An American Band' is a fascinating window on American rock's epic journey from the bowels of the late 60s underground counterculture to mainstream mid-70s acceptance.