LP released: Jan 12, 2024

Side A
1. Snooper - Running
2. Big Special - This Here Ain't Water
3. Moin - No Neck
4. Avalon Emerson - Sandrail Silhouette
5. The Lost Days - For Today
6. Cindy - Why Not Now
7. Tapir - Untitled
Side B
1. Sofie Royer - Mio
2. Jellyskin - Bringer Of Brine
3. Red Axes - Hey
4. Lynks - Small Talk
5. Joshua Idehen - Don't You Give Up On Me
6. Kara Jackson - Why Does The Earth Give Us People To Love?

As the lights turn off for 2023 and we move into 2024 Rough Trade shops return with their annual Counter Culture series selection.
The LP offers 13 tracks whilst the Double CD a full 35 tracks. All bases covered - from the chaotic party fury of Snooper to the
unhinged metal of Pest Control to the beer chucking fun fest that is the Mary Wallopers, this has got everything. You got the Death
Grips style Lip Critic, an eleven minute sludge workout from Slift, the future Badu soul of Liv.e and new kids on the black Lifeguard
with their unique take on post punk.
As always Rough Trade Shops live and breath new music and this series stands by that.