CD released: Jan 18, 2022

Disc 1 : Detroit
1. Detroit
2. Heaven And Earth
3. Eagle Dance
4. I Want More
5. Other End Of The City
6. Dante
7. Pirate Music
8. Josie's Well
9. Everything
10. Sugarcane
11. Misery
12. First Step
13. Empty Heart
14. Hijackin' Love
15. Say Yeah
16. 16 With A Bullet
17. Dreams Never Lie
18. Heartland
19. Running Away
20. Can You See Me (Live 1st December 1984)
Disc 2 : 88
1. 88
2. Stick To Your Guns
3. Flawed Diamonds
4. The Road Home
5. And Then There Was Love
6. I Need Some Easy Money
7. You Got What You Wanted
8. Cool Breeze
9. New Year's Eve
10. Bringin' It All Back Home
11. Lovers Leap
12. The Blues
13. I'm The Man
14. Out Of Our Minds
15. Marijuana Wine
16. Fuck The Violence
17. Dear Dream Diary
18. The Wind Blows The Name Of Tazmemert
Cat No: EARS054
Barcode: 5060174956300
Packaging: CD Regular

Scott Morgan - ex Rationals, Guardian Angel, Sonics Rendezvous Band, Hydromatics. One of the most respected guitarist singer songwriters in Detroit and a true Legend! All 3 Scott Morgan solo albums here remastered on a 2 CD set. During the 1980s, Morgan formed the Scott Morgan Band, which occasionally played in the Ann Arbor/Detroit area. In 1988, his band released an album entitled ROCK ACTION, which found Morgan (guitar and vocals) backed up by ex Sonic's Rendezvous bassist Gary Rasmussen and ex-Stooges drummer Scott Asheton. The trio later toured under the name Scotts Pirates, which took it's name from Morgan's song 'Pirate Music,' and released their self-titled album. ROCK ACTION was followed up in 1996 with the record REVOLUTIONARY MEANS. The same year Scott teamed up with Wayne Kramer of the MC5 and Deniz Tek under the name Dodge Main. The band played live together around the Midwest.