2CD released: Jul 14, 2023

Disc 1
1. Gold Mine - The G.G. All Stars
2. Israel Want To Be Free - The Ethiopians
3. President In School - Cat Campbell
4. Wha' No Dead - The Maytones
5. Walking Stick - Phillip Samuels
6. Milk And Honey - Dennis Alcapone
7. Keep On Knocking - Billy Dyce
8. Honey Comb - Dennis Alcapone
9. I Still Love You - Errol Walker
10. Don't You Cry - Dennis Brown
11. Land Of Music - The Maytones
12. Love Can Set You Free - The G.G. All Stars
13. As Long As You Love Me - The Maytones
14. Keep It Up - John Holt
15. Donkey Face - The Maytones
16. Be My Guest - Billy Dyce
17. Take Warning - Billy Dyce
18. Way Down South - U Roy
19. Born To Be Loved - The Maytones
20. A Love Like Yours - John Holt
21. Unity Is Love - Billy Dyce
22. Harder They Come - Charlie Ace
23. Is It Really Over - Max Romeo
24. On Top Of The Peak - U Roy
25. Rack-a-tack - Bongo Herman & The
26. G.G. All Stars
27. As Long As You Love Me (Soul Version) - The Maytones
Disc 2
1. Musical Alphabet - Dennis Alcapone
2. Things Gonna Change - The Maytones
3. Cool Down - The Untouchables
4. Searching For Your Love - Dell Williams
5. Searching Version - The G.G. All Stars
6. Only One Wife - Lloyd & Carey
7. Scorpion - Lloyd & Carey
8. Abusing And Assaulting - Shorty Perry
9. Loving Bride - Iya Hunter
10. Howdy And Tenky - Flowers & Alvin
11. If Loving You Was Wrong - The Maytones
12. In A De Pum Pum - Flowers & Alvin
13. Sprinkle Some Water - Shorty Perry
14. Time Is Still Here - Billy Dyce
15. Hands And Feet - The Maytones
16. Watch It - Gary Ranglin
17. Do It Again (Watch It) - Lloyd & Carey
18. David And Goliath - Flowers & Alvin
19. Musical Goat - Shorty Perry
20. Brown Girl - The Maytones
21. Halfway Tree Rock - Shorty Perry
22. Bad Cow Skank - Tommy Mccook & Bobby Ellis
23. Rastaman Going Back Home - Flowers & Alvin
24. Barble Dove Skank - Little Youth
25. Drummer Roach - Gladstone Anderson
Label: DR BIRD
Cat No: DBCDD124Z
Barcode: 5013929282445
Packaging: 2CD Pack

First ever reissue of 2 iconic Trojan albums. Numerous tracks new to CD. Includes some of the biggest reggae hits from the early 1970s. Originally released by Trojan Records in 1972, the 'Reggae Reggae (Vol. Two)' LP is perhaps best-known by record buyers for it's iconic sleeve, depicting a group of young suedeheads set against the very un-tropical backdrop of Brixton railway arches. But the collection offered considerably more than simply a striking cover, for the music within the grooves of the record that lay within ranks alongside the finest reggae of the period. Comprising a dozen tracks produced by the increasingly influential Alvin 'G. G. ' Ranglin, the album is a mixture of superior vocal, DJ and instrumental tracks, performed by some of the most talented and popular Jamaican artists of the day, notably Dennis Brown, The Ethiopians, Dennis Alcapone and The Maytones. The following year, Trojan issued a second, equally fine, yet similarly obliquely packaged collection of the producer's work, 'Pipeline', and it is these two essential long-players that provide the primary focus of this essential 2CD release. Unavailable on any format since their original release, both LPs are bolstered here by the very best of Ranglin's remaining productions from 1971 - 72, their number including hits and long-lost obscurities from period, many unavailable since the early 1970s. The second in a series of 2CD sets highlighting the output of one of the Jamaican music's most successful, yet under-appreciated producers, it is a must-have buy for all self- respecting connoisseurs of high-quality classic reggae sounds.