4CD released: Jul 28, 2023

Disc 1
1. Cock Sparrer Runnin' Riot
2. Cock Sparrer Sister Suzie
3. Slaughter & The Dogs Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone?
4. Slaughter & The Dogs You're A Bore
5. Menace Screwed Up
6. Menace Insane Society
7. Angelic Upstarts The Murder Of Liddle Towers
8. Angelic Upstarts Police Oppression
9. Cockney Rejects Flares 'n' Slippers
10. Cockney Rejects Police Car
11. Cockney Rejects I Wanna Be A Star
12. Anti-establishment 1980
13. Anti-establishment Mechanical Man
14. The 4 Skins One Law For Them
15. The 4 Skins Brave New World
16. Blitz Someone's Gonna Die
17. Blitz Attack
18. Blitz Fight To Live
19. Blitz 45 Revolutions
20. Infa-riot Kids Of The 80's
21. Infa-riot Still Out Of Order
22. The Business Harry May
23. The Business National Insurance Blacklist (Be A Rebel And You'll Always Be Wrong)
24. The Last Resort Violence In Our Minds
25. The Last Resort Held Hostage
26. The Last Resort Soul Boys
Disc 2
1. Red Alert In Britain
2. Red Alert Screaming At The Nation
3. Red Alert Murder Missile
4. The Crack Don't You Ever Let Me Down
5. The Crack I Can't Take It
6. The Gonads Punk Rock Will Never Die
7. The Gonads Got Any Wrigleys John?
8. The Gonads Sandra Bigg (Really Big)
9. The Gonads I Lost My Love To A Uk Sub
10. The Gonads Annie's Song
11. Antisocial Backstreet Boys
12. Antisocial Your Choice
13. Antisocial New Punks
14. Antisocial Screw U
15. The Ejected Have You Got 10p?
16. The Ejected Class Of '82
17. The Ejected One Of The Boys
18. Crux Keep On Running
19. Crux Streets At Night
20. Crux Brighton Front
21. Crux I'll Die With My Boots On
22. Criminal Class Fighting The System
23. Criminal Class Soldier
24. The 4 Skins Low Life
25. The 4 Skins Bread Or Blood
Disc 3
1. Menace G.L.C.
2. Menace I'm Civilised
3. Angelic Upstarts I'm An Upstart
4. Angelic Upstarts Leave Me Alone
5. Cockney Rejects I'm Not A Fool
6. Cockney Rejects East End
7. The 4 Skins Yesterdays Heroes
8. The 4 Skins Justice
9. The 4 Skins Get Out Of My Life
10. Blitz Never Surrender
11. Blitz Razors In The Night
12. The Business Smash The Discos
13. The Business Disco Girls
14. The Business Dayo (The Banana Boat Song)
15. Infa-riot The Winner
16. Infa-riot School's Out
17. The Crack Going Out
18. The Crack The Troops Have Landed
19. Subculture Loud & Clear
20. Subculture Rogue Troopers
21. Subculture University City
22. The Gonads She Can't Whip Me
23. The Gonads Punk City Rockers
24. The Gonads Gonads Anthem
25. The Gonads S.L.A.G.
Disc 4
1. Cock Sparrer England Belongs To Me
2. Cock Sparrer Argy Bargy
3. The Business Loud Proud + Punk
4. Blitz Voice Of A Generation (Poor No More)
5. The Gonads Tnt
6. Dead Generation Francine
7. Venom Where's Dock Green
8. The Strike Victim
9. East End Badoes The Way It's Got To Be
10. Skin Disease I'm Thick
11. Angela Rippon's Bum Fight For Your Lives
12. The Oppressed Victims
13. The Oppressed Work Together
14. The Ejected Fast 'n' Loud
15. The Ejected I Don't Care
16. The Ejected What Happened In Brighton
17. Case Smiling My Life Away
18. Case Oh
19. Case Criminal Ways
20. The Infas Sound And Fury
21. The Infas Triffic Spiv Ya Ok
22. The Business Get Out Of My House
23. The Business All Out Tonight
24. The Business Foreign Girl
25. The Business Outlaw
Cat No: AHOYBX393
Barcode: 5013929609303
Packaging: 4CD Box Set

101 track 4CD clamshell box set featuring the A and B-sides of 37 Oi! related singles, all released between 1977-85.
Includes 'pioneers' like Cock Sparrer, Slaughter & The Dogs and Menace via flag bearers like Angelic Upstarts and Cockney Rejects through to Oi! legends The Business, 4- Skins, Last Resort and Infa-Riot and not forgetting lesser known bands like Criminal Class, Subculture and Case. It's all killer and no filler!
The lavish booklet contains illustrations of all of these highly prized (and expensive!) singles along with informative notes on each release.