LP released: Mar 29, 2024

Side A
1. U & I - Fkj, Darius, Crayon, Wayne Snow U & I
2. Sois Pas Press - Enchant E Julia, Lossapardo
3. Out Of Sight - Tentendo, Taj Ralph
4. Say What - Flaurese, Kartell
5. Fully Loaded - Katu, Barney Bones
Side B
1. Night Cruiser - Cezaire, Numero 13
2. Double Takes - Wantigga, Maydien
3. Hide & Run - Zimmer, Didi Han
4. Drivin' Too Fast - Cezaire, Lablue, Deville

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Roche Musique is unveiling its 3rd compilation "HOUSE OF GROOVE". 9 tracks
featuring the label's long-standing artists FKJ, Darius, Kartell, Zimmer... and international guests from the emerging scene Enchant e
Julia, Lossapardo, Flaurese, Barney Bones...
These new tracks, characteristic of Roche's groove, bring a richer electronic musical colour with diverse influences.