4LP released: Dec 15, 2023

Side B
1. Production Destruction
2. Derailed
3. Some People Call This Teamwork
4. Captive Normals (A Fever Dream)
5. Boss (Vandelay Theme)
6. The Hideout
Side C
1. Heatwave (Radio Edit)
2. Test Chamber
3. Dev Engine
4. Buzzsaw
5. Snap (Out Of It)
Side D
1. Security Shutdown
2. Can't Stop Us Now
3. Downtime
4. This'll Be Rough (Radio Edit)
Side E
1. Negotiation
2. Escape Plan!!
3. A New Fight
4. Through The Halls Of History
5. How Far We've Come
6. Vibin'
Side F
1. Backstage Hustle
2. My Heart Feels No Pain
3. Exposition
4. Let's Hope This Works
5. Hey Gang, What's That?
6. Intruder
Side G
1. The Fizzith
2. Reflection
3. Surfacing
4. In A Blink
Side H
1. What The Future Holds
2. Synesthesia
3. Kicking Back
4. Mission Report!
5. Challenger!
6. Give It All You Got
7. Secret Song (Making Things Is Hard)

Tango Gameworks, Bethesda and Laced have teamed up to bring the pulse-pounding score for 2023's most colourful gaming
surprise, Hi-Fi RUSH, to vinyl.
The 4LP box set has been designed by Tango Gameworks' formidable art team. The rigid slipcase features Chai and 808, while the
inner sleeves highlight Chai's Assist allies, including Peppermint, Macaron, CNMN, and Korsica. This Standard Edition features
heavyweight discs in traditional black.
The set includes 42 specially remastered tracks from the original soundtrack, among them the alternate boss battle tracks created for
Streamer Mode.
Revealed to the public in an audacious shadow-drop, Hi-Fi RUSH was a breath of fresh air, harkening back to the early 2000s with its
vibrant visuals and goofy humour. The game marries rhythm game and character action game mechanics, with the whole
environment of the Vandelay Technologies campus literally bopping to the beat.
As it is for protagonist Chai, music is at the heart of Hi-Fi RUSH. The game's substantial music team, including The Glass Pyramids,
Shuichi Kobori, REO, Masatoshi Yanagi and Hi-Fi RUSH Game Director John Johanas, went all out for infectiously energetic rock.
Immense riffs and propulsive drumming played an essential part in maintaining the tension and excitement of the whole experience
and keeping players laser focused on the pulse.
And has a game developer ever sung so sweetly and earnestly to their audience as Johanas does on the credits track

Kayla Brown, The Glass Pyramids, John Johanas, Shuichi Kobori, Reo, Masatoshi Yanagi