2LP released: Jul 05, 2019

Double LP version. Digital Kabar: Electronic Maloya From La Reunion Since 1980 is a compilation of electronic music from Reunion, an island in the Indian Ocean. Combining tropical sounds, sunny moods, and creole dialect, Digital Kabar features mostly unknown artists from the island. It is the perfect summer-opening compilation for both rare groove diggers and DJs in search of the best tropical beats. Formerly clandestine, today manifest, both sacred but also profane, sometimes meditated, very often improvised, the Kabar transpires in the daily life on Reunion, getting rid with insolence of any label that dares to try to impose itself. The Kabar is a fleeting but bubbling manifestation of an identity and a local culture that is still difficult to define. A moment of life and sharing where handcrafted instruments, neighborhood meetings, ritual dances and lyrical demands are mixed, a meeting. Born from the musical union of maloya and electronic music, Digital Kabar is a compilation at the crossroads of cultures, porous to all sound experiences. It's also the result of a friendship resulting from InFine heading to the Les Electropicales festival, the fascination of a small team dedicated to the independent musical cause of a musical scene and its diversity. A musical electronic snapshot from an exotic and unknown part of the globe, half of the tracks on the compilation have never been officially released. Features: Patrick Manent, Boogzbrown, Loya, Jako Maron, Sheitan Brothers, Ti Fock, Boogzbrown & Cubenx, Force Indigene & Jako Maron, Agnesca, Zong, Labelle, Psychorigid, Salem Tradition, J-ZeuS, and Kwalud. - 01. Patrick Manent - Kabare Ater (Jako Maron Remix) 02. Boogzbrown - Timbila 03. Loya - Malbar Dance 04. Jako Maron - Batbate Maloya 05. Sheitan Brothers - Gardien Volcan 06. Ti Fock - Kom Le Long (Do Moon's Edit) 07. Boogzbrown & Cubenx - Butcha 08. Force Indigene & Jako Maron - Mazigador 09. Agnesca - Bilimbi 10. Zong - Mahavel (South Africa Dub Studio) 11. Labelle - Block Maloya 12. Psychorigid - 303 Militan 13. Salem Tradition - Kabare (Alma Negra Rework) 14. J-ZeuS - Koloni 15. Kwalud - Angel Choirs