2LP released: Mar 14, 2023

1. Disco Connection
2. Can't Go Halfway
3. Guajida
4. The Same Old Me
5. A Part Of Being With You
6. More Love Reggae
7. The Back Stabbers
8. Rated G
9. Shame Shame Shame
10. Funky Jive, Pt. 2
11. Don't Fight It
12. Long Time Boy
13. Boogaloo A La Chuck
14. Theme From The Godfather
15. Things Are Going To Work Out Right
16. Funky Jive, Pt. 1
Cat No: NUM006LP
Barcode: 0656605881010
Packaging: 2LP

The national dish of Belize is a diverse mixture of ingredients: pig’s tail, potatoes, plantains, bananas, boiled eggs, yams, and whole fish, thrown in a pot and stewed to perfection. They call it a boil-up. Cult Cargo: Belize City Boil Up combines equal parts R&B, calypso, disco, funk, reggae, bruckdown, soul, folk, and other sounds scraped off the musical pantry’s bottom shelf, though it’s anything but leftovers. See the Harmonettes’ speedy, robustly recorded take on 'Shame, Shame, Shame' or tropical pulse and electro stabs on Lord Rhaburn’s 'Disco Connection.' Before our very own Rob Sevier showed up on Belize’s sand-swept shores, little was known of the tiny Central American nation’s vibrant musical history. Since then, we’ve scoured the catalog of Belize’s lone record label, Compton Fairweather’s C.E.S., for choice delicacies derived from American genres gone mutant under intense Belizean sunlight, gathering a hurricane of battered photos, album sleeves, and ephemera, amassing a sound souvenir that’s more like a recorded jaunt through a dance-infected Belize long gone. Our sturdy gatefold double-LP edition includes two bonus tracks...dashes of extra flavoring you won’t find plated by any other Numero product.