LP released: Jul 01, 2022
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1. Big Boat Ride - Dorothy Norwood
2. Iæm Tired Of Dreaming - Joe Hinton
3. You Were Right On Time - Ripple
4. You Get To Me - Lee Brackett
5. Itæs Got To Be The Real Thing - John Edwards
6. Donæt Let Me Know - Charlie Thomas
7. Love Woke Me Up - Loleatta Holloway
8. Is That Any Way To Treat A Lady - Jimmy Lewis
9. Complain To The Clouds (But You Canæt
10. Change The Weather) - Deep Velvet
11. Fight Fire With Fire - King Hannibal
12. You Ainæt For Real - Arthur Alexander
13. Iæm Leaving - Joe Graham
14. Iæm A Dreamer - Bobby Burn
15. Since We Said Goodbye - The Counts
Label: KENT
Cat No: KENT523
Barcode: 29667013512
Packaging: LP Regular

Though built with highly questionable finances, gangster Michael ThevisÆ GRC, Aware and Hotlanta labels produced some scintillating mid-70s soul music. Thevis knew his limitations and allowed his producers, arrangers and songwriters free reign as long as they worked hard and came up with good recordings. It was the period in music when Detroit and the south got together, as with Stax and WestboundÆs Memphis/Detroit co-productions, and Thevis tried to make that blueprint work for his Atlanta set-up. He brought producer Marlin McNichols and engineer Milan Bogdan down from the Motor City and Floyd Smith from Chicago. Smith came with the highly talented singers Loleatta Holloway and John Edwards, while McNichols brought the Counts, Ripple and Deep Velvet to cut in the spanking brand-new Sound Pit Studios. Songwriter supreme Sam Dees was co-opted from ThevisÆ Moonsong operation, which he ran out of nearby Birmingham, Alabama, and the resulting sessions produced some exquisite soul songs û several of which charted, making the company hot between 1973 and 1975. Those main acts are here along with artists from the Los Angeles office of the stature of Jimmy Lewis, King Hannibal and Joe Hinton. The John Edwards track debuts on vinyl for the first time, while the Joe Hinton number æIÆm Tired Of DreamingÆ is the original version of the collectible 45 as recorded by Pure Velvet on Osiris in 1976 û it has never been issued before at all. The King Hannibal track is from his Atlanta sessions (Hannibal lived in both Los Angeles and Atlanta, from where he hailed) and makes it out of the tape vaults for the first time, while gospel legend Dorothy NorwoodÆs epic opener æBig Boat RideÆ had previously only been available since 2016 on CD and is now available to vinyl purists too.We tried to avoid the non-Atlanta tracks from the Thevis years but have included earlier offerings from Arthur Alexander and Bobby Wilburn recorded by the independent producer Bill Haney û a man as far adrift in personality to Thevis as you could wish for. One of HaneyÆs acts, Joe Graham, did record for the Aware set-up around 1973 but the four excellent tracks were shelved until now û more will follow. Bill Haney recorded Drifter Charlie Thomas while he visited the city for live work, and æDonÆt Let Me KnowÆ is another classy mid-tempo number making its vinyl debut