LP released: Jul 12, 2024

1. The Look - Thrupence, Jack Vanzent
2. Solitude - Koji
3. Aperol - Houis Feat. Foreignlocal. & Inq.
4. Lost & Found - Moir Sun
5. Decompress - Tambala, Makzo, Falcxne, Seb Zillner
6. U & I - Den Brooks Feat. Hari & No
7. Sticks & Stones - Lovesome Feat Swoo
8. Save You - Tambala Feat. Dhan
9. Splash - Lucid Green
10. Equinox (Feat. Erica Tucceri) - Alexander Flood
11. Cape Town - Cabu
12. Baby Slow Down - Mxxwll

After Vol.1 & Vol.2 hit the shelves, a new breeze has brought forth
many sonic treasures. "All Things Considered Vol.3" follows up with
groove gold - a compilation featuring an international lineup of

established Lo-Fi producers, handpicked and curated by 823 label-
head Ta-ku himself.

The multifaceted Perth-based record label 823, founded by Australian producer and creative
powerhouse Ta-ku, is gearing up for "All Things Considered Vol. 3." Committed to detail and a
celebration of life's simple pleasures, this LP refuses to be confined to any single genre.
Noteworthy releases from 823 include Cabu's "So Far To Go" EP, Ta-ku and Matt McWaters's
collaboration "Black and White," featuring the Masego collaboration "Flight 99," and their
debut project with Australian producer and instrumentalist Kuzich.
This time, The guest list includes Jakarta Records beat-veterans Alexander Flood, Lucid
Green, and Cabu, bringing RnB with a soulful twist that's sure to warm the heart. Playfully
melodic artists Makzo, falcxne & Seb Zellner blend jazz, soul, and sweetness creating a
natural and playful sound for the LP. Den Brooks, Lovesome, and Tambala all contribute to the
rhythmic neo-soul zest on the iconic 808 beat.
On the whole, "All Things Considered Vol. 3" embarks on a forward-thinking rhythmic journey
into the creative minds behind the LP. It's as diverse and eclectic as those minds themselves
and proudly follows up on its first and second volumes. Natural sounds blend seamlessly with
electronic elements, from lush melodies to wintery vibes. Playful vocals adorn this 12-track
gem, from Lucid Green's ethereal journey "Splash" twisted in UK garage vibes to the jazz-pop
infused "Lost & Found" by Makzo & friends, echoing Jamiroquai-esque beats. The first single,
"Babyslowdown" by MXXWLL, takes center stage with its strings, while Alexander Flood's
James Bond-inspired melody receives a funky update.
Each single from the compilation comes with customized visuals by Jack Vancet, perfectly
capturing the essence of each track.