12in released: May 24, 2024

1. Model 500 - I.D.L.E. 05:39
2. Ectomorph - Searching (Live At Globus) 04:54
3. Amx - Your Body 05:20
4. Dj Stingray 313 - Dynamic Instability 04:14
5. Jakojako - Metal Goat 05:05
6. Erik Jabari - Screamore 04:47
030313 (12IN)
Cat No: TRESOR360
Barcode: 4251804141376
Packaging: 12in

030/313 - Berlin/Detroit, the fundamental techno union. Now CarharttWIP, whose roots can be traced to Detroit, Michigan, join forces withTresor for a collaboration that celebrates the enduring spirit of twomusic metropolises. Referencing the early 90s compilations like "TresorII - A Techno Alliance", they present a 12" mini compilation withexclusive material from both cities.
The compilation opens with "I.D.L.E.", a lost Model 500 track, ofessential funk that touches the techno soul of The Motorcity, with trippymelodies and cosmic drilling traversing electrifi ed Mojo freeways. It'sfollowed by another true Detroiter: Ectomorph's "Searching (Live AtGlobus)", a fi rst extract from their live set at Globus in 2021, which BMGand Erika played on borrowed equipment after Erika's case was lost ona fl ight. The A-Side stays in Detroit and fi nishes with "Your Body", anexclusive track by AMX, also known as The AM, one of Detroit's freshestfunk techno sensations. She carries on the mentorship mindset byhaving learned from two of the greatest: D.I.E. and Scan 7. "Your Body"is a classic techno feel swinger, where subtle chords meet drummachine funk in the spirit of early Detroit techno.
DJ Stingray 313 opens the B-Side with a bang. Precisely hacked techno,full of dark funk and that special industrial jack, that the man in themask has made his own. A total "Dynamic Instability". Magic & furious.The thrill continues with "Metal Goat", by JakoJako, one of Berlin'sbrightest synth sensations. She provides an introspective grower thatslowly evolves into a fast-paced techno grinder, laden with micro shiftsand magic twists. The fi nal tune comes from Erik Jabari, a newcomerfrom the 030 zone, emerging from the Hard Wax peers with hauntingmodular synth techno-a feverish minimalistic trip of motorized kicks. DJPete performed as spiritual guidance on this one. It's fl oor proven. Anoverall cachet of "030313" - the small compilation with a huge technoheart.