LP released: Jun 28, 2024

1. Next Exit
2. Slow Motion
3. No Place Like Home
4. Over You
5. Midwest
6. Arizona
7. Close Quarters
8. Off-season
9. Terms & Conditions
10. Lost In Translation
Cat No: NTW315001
Barcode: 67003150019
Packaging: LP (100g)

"Home" is not always a literal place. Sometimes, "home" represents inner peace and simply learning to hold space for yourself. This is where Vacations lead singer and guitarist Campbell Burns has arrived as he and bandmates Jake Johnson, Nate Delizzotti, and Joseph Van Lier release their third LP, No Place Like Home. "I had this loose concept of No Place Like Home being an Americana-influenced album," Campbell says of the album's sonic inspirations. "I wanted to incorporate more pianos, acoustic guitars, Nashville tuning, and country-inspired lap steel, but then also bringing in drum machines and synths and finding a mix between the two." Produced by Campbell and John Velasquez (Zella Day, Broods), No Place Like Home comprises 10 shimmering tracks brimming with indie-pop hooks and just a touch of bittersweet sensitivity.

The new project follows an intense period of transformation for Campbell, who was forced to cancel all touring commitments due to COVID restrictions and subsequently came down with a severe bout of writer's block. After seeking therapy, he was eventually diagnosed with Pure OCD, a subtype of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. "Pure OCD is more mental compulsions rather than physical compulsions," Campbell explains. "If I have an intrusive thought, I'm giving that thought belief and power over myself." As the world began to open up, so did Campbell's vibrant creative spirit. Vacations hit the road for the first time in two years, selling out The Fonda in LA and playing Austin City Limits Festival in Austin, experiences that partially inform No Place Like Home. First single and album opener "Next Exit" sparkles with danceable synth riffs and Campbell's aching falsetto, all while setting the overall tone for what's to come. "'Next Exit' is about living in this monotonous cycle," Campbell reveals. "You realize that you need an out. You need to - metaphorically and literally - take the next exit out in order to break out of that cycle." The singer mines his Pure OCD diagnosis on the pondering "Over You," which thematically picks up where "Next Exit" drops off. Campbell remarks on how "it almost has this ownership over my thoughts and actions to the point where I'm stuck in these loops and rituals that are a direct result of having OCD."

On the Americana-inspired "Midwest," which seamlessly blends pop electronics, drum machine, and '80s synth with poignant lap steel tones, the song remarks on the comedic nature of repeatedly entering into romantic relationships prior to going on tour - only to have them fizzle out upon returning. As the band releases No Place Like Home, Campbell is ironically just fine with not putting down physical roots just yet having recently made the move to LA for exploration, expanding "I needed to get overseas if I wanted to keep progressing - from a career standpoint, but also on a personal level." The greater priority lies within building that sense of comfort within himself. In the meantime, millions of fans around the world are making a permanent home with Vacations.

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