2LP released: Mar 22, 2024

1. - The Deadstock 33s - My Best Dub
2. - Bottin - Red Onions
3. - Munk - Violent Love (2024 Version)
4. - Leroy Hanghofer - Das Pi
5. - Headman - Whomadewho - Satisfaction
6. - Mercury - Sweetness
7. - In Flagranti - In The Silver White Box
8. - Munk - Kick Out The Chairs (Whomadewho Remix)
9. - Golden Bug - St Tropez
10. - Cecile - Sweetness 86
11. - Hiltmeyer Inc - Chefsong
12. - Nancy Whang & Bonar Bradberry - Working The Midnight Shift (Disco Version)

12 tracks originally released on the indie dance label GOMMA RECORDS between 2001 and 2010. (Gomma was the label Toy Tonics did before starting Toy Tonics.)
Along with DFA and Output records Gomma released a wild mix of electronic dance music, indie rock, undergound disco, post punk and new wave funk that was big in the 2000s. The Y2K sound!

Gomma released music by artists like Peaches, Whomadewho, The Rammellzee, James Murphy, LCD soundsystem and artists like Nick McCarthy of Franz Ferdinand.
Now it’s 2023 and its feels fresh to put a spotlight on some of these tracks again.
And so here comes a 2nd compilation part of Gomma tracks:
Nancy Whang the singer of LCD Soundsystem, WhoMadeWho (the band started their career on Gomma), Italian disco producer Bottin, UK Indie Disco hero The Deadstock 33s aka Justin Robertson, NY Disco hipsters In Flagranti, German producers Munk and many more on this compilation.

Gomma not only was a record label, but was also a home for cutting edge design, wild T-shirt styles, underground exhibitions with new artists from the Berlin scene and crazy poster and fanzine design.
Many graphic design trends of the last years were preceded by what the artists on Gomma were doing. And many record and street wear labels of today look a bit like Gomma was looking before ... copying the images that Gomma preceeded: ironic cartoons, trash aesthetics, greek symbols, ugly design ideas and lot of ironic things.
The Gomma visuals world was exposed in a couple of exhibitions around the world and at a big exhibition at #hausderkunst München before the label was closed in 2015. (when Toy Tonics took off...)

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