CD released: May 17, 2024

1. I Am
2. To Serve And Protect
3. Casa De Los Lollos
4. Why
5. Hanging By A Thread
6. Rise Above
7. Liquid Confidence
8. Dream Of Better Days
9. Too Late
10. It's Time

Universe was founded in Sweden in 1982. After leaving the band Moon,
lead guitarist Michael Kling was one of the founding members, bassist
Hasse Hagman, who played together with drummer Anders Wetterstr m
and guitarist Per Nilsson in Joey Tempest's first band, all came from the
band Twilight. Keyboarder Fredrik Kristr m and singer Kjell Wallen
completed the band. The band disbanded at the beginning of 1988, the
band members appeared here and there in different musical contexts. In
2002, all members met for the first time in 14 years. At first UNIVERSE
lacked a vocalist, but suddenly one day Andreas Eklund (ex-House Of
Shakira) was there. His narrative lyrics and tasteful melodies opened the
door to another musical dimension. In 2018 they return with "Rock Is Alive".
Now finally the 3rd album and the band is eager to play the new songs and
the old classics at the concerts.