2LP released: May 03, 2024

Side A
1. So Much To Say (Intro)
2. My Place
3. Smoking Cigarettes
4. Best Friend (Featuring Bilal)
Side B
1. Always Will
2. Boogie 2nite
3. Oops (Oh My) (Featuring Missy "misdemeanor" Elliott)
4. Make Ur Move
Side C
1. Hotel
2. Beautiful
3. Complain
4. Heaven
Side D
1. Call Me
2. Drunk
3. Southern Hummingbird (Outro)
4. Sexual Healing (Oops Part 2) (Featuring Ms. Jade)
5. Big Spender (Missy Elliott)

Say what? Tweet's 2002 debut album, a
beguiling blend of blues, beats, soul, and
acoustic rock which went to #3 on the
Billboard pop charts, boasted two Top 40
singles in "Oops (Oh My)" and "Call Me,"
featured cameos
by Missy
Elliott and Bilal among others and production by
Timbaland, has only been out on Germany?
That's messed up! Our double-LP release comes
with an insert offering lyrics, and includes the Missy
Elliott bonus track "Big Spender." Pressed in ruby red
vinyl limited to 1000 copies...don't miss out on yours.