LP released: Dec 01, 2023

Side A
1. Doty Walk
2. Tribes Of Gargantua
3. 20 Miles
4. Bossa Luv
Side B
1. Planet X
2. Mantra Dub
3. Ceremonial T
4. Natural Living
5. Todo

The sonic movement once known as downbeat continues to cast a long and intimidating
shadow over the Austrian electronic music scene, with influential figures like Kruder &
Dorfmeister reigning atop a metaphorical mountain of venerable dubplates, resembling
ancient gods.
Now, emerging from the depths of this mountain, comes "Triangle," poised to rejuvenate the
genre with its eponymous album, brimming with the purest liquid downbeat gold.
Featuring an abundance of dusty breaks, reggae vocals, atmospheric keys and strings, dub
stabs, wonky acid sequences, and deep basslines, these tunes check all the right boxes without
ever feeling like mere imitations. The overall vibe remains warm, mellow, and hazy, while
each track seamlessly weaves in an array of peculiar soundbites.
Dive into the depths of "Triangle," an album that bridges eras of timeless electronic