2LP released: May 05, 2023

1. No Doubt
2. Andy Warhol
3. GRE
4. Lost
5. Transitional Devices
6. Pity
7. (i'm Gonna) Miss You (When You're Dead)
8. Wasted On You
9. Stay
10. Chunks Of Milk
11. Every Time When I Fall Down And My Head Hits The Floor Hard
12. Trailer Park
13. Handcuffs
14. Neil's Down
15. Cartoon Brew
16. Pretty Girl
17. Lazer Beam/flame Grape
18. 18.Makin' The D
19. Important Things
20. In My Head
21. Mistake
22. Ballard Bitter
Cat No: KLP284LP
Barcode: 789856128419
Packaging: 2LP

Treepeople were a band of their time, the late '80s and early '90s, and their place, Boise, ID and Seattle, WA, who created punk music that lives on into a future they never imagined. The members of Treepeople, Scott Schmaljohn, Pat Brown, Wayne Flower and Doug Martsch, went on to form prominent '90s Northwest combos Built to Spill, Stuntman, Violent Green, The Halo Benders, and Hive. Treepeople were a major influence on many Northwest artists who followed in their wake including Sleater-Kinney, Modest Mouse, Unwound, Death Cab for Cutie, Built to Spill, Lync. The debut Treepeople album, Guilt, Regret and Embarrassment, originally released on Toxic Shock Records, has been given the DELUXE EDITION treatment here, expanded to a double album with the inclusion of songs originally appearing on singles and compilations from their earliest years. The original album was produced by Steve Fisk; additional material produced by Fisk, Jack Endino and other NW stalwarts. The Treepeople sound is a jagged buzz crossing boundaries between the punk, hardcore, garage and grunge artists interwoven in the NW music scene. This is a Northwest classic, remastered and presented not only as an important document, also a collection of fab, adrenaline inducing songs. This double LP has one record black vinyl, one record white vinyl.