2LP released: Nov 24, 2023

Side A
1. Essential #1
2. Sunday Child
3. Essential #2 (Ft. Benjamin Herman)
4. Feedback Of Silence (Ft. Benjamin Herman)
5. Essential #3
6. Heit
Side B
7. Essential #4 (Ft. Michael Moore)
8. Happiness Is A Memory (Ft. Michael Moore)
9. El Cielo
10. El Mundo Es Mio
11. Essential #5
12. The Last Answers
Side C
13. Essential #6
14. Sounds After The Fade-out
15. Essential #7
16. Cut From The Same Cloth
17. Essential #8
18. Now It Always Rains During Summertime
19. Essential #9
Side D
20. Essential #10
21. El Cielo (Alternate Take)
22. Heit (Alternate Take)
23. Feedback Of Silence Ft. Benjamin Herman (Alternate Take)
24. Essential #11

'ESSENTIAL' moves with ease from spiritual sounds to hip-hop-infused head nods. The liner notes by writer John Morrison perfectly
encapsulate the type of sonic trip you're in for: "While the improvisational heights that Thysenterprise and crew reach throughout the
album owe a debt to hardbop and the avant-garde, there are beats and textures here akin to the work of Karriem Riggins or A Tribe
Called Quest. The result is a truly contemporary sound that plays freely within the depths of human feeling."
'ESSENTIAL' is by far Thysenterprise's most personal album to date. From beginning to end, he pays a heartfelt tribute to his late
father. The artist revisits and rearranges melodies from iconic jazz records that formed a profound connection between the two of
them. Throughout the album, there are nods to songs that were essential for Reinier's musical upbringing. It shows that the
saxophonist plays with heart and doesn't shy away from expressing grief and loss. Or as stated in the liner notes: "We play for
pleasure, we play to understand ourselves and the world around us, we play to celebrate and remember our loved ones."
Renowned Dutch alto saxophonist Benjamin Herman joins Thysenterprise for intimate call-and-response on "Feedback of Silence."
Next to that, Michael Moore graces "Happiness Is a Memory" with a heartfelt bass clarinet solo. Moore is part of the Han Bennink-
founded ICP Orchestra. It's safe to say that Thysenterprise builds on that rich lineage of improvisation, playfulness, and distinct
originality. On 'ESSENTIAL,' he takes that to new heights. The album comes beautifully packaged as a gatefold 2LP with vinyl-
exclusive alternate takes on the D-side.