LP released: Jul 26, 2024

Side A
1. The Monkey Dance (The Wiggles Sound System Remix)
2. Rock-a-bye Your Bear (The Wiggles Sound System Remix)
3. Hot Potato (The Wiggles Sound System Remix)
4. Row, Row, Row Your Boat (The Wiggles Sound System Remix)
5. Henry The Octopus (The Wiggles Sound System Remix)
6. B.I.N.G.O. (The Wiggles Sound System Remix)
7. Abc (The Wiggles Sound System Remix)
Side B
1. Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car (The Wiggles Sound System Remix)
2. Fruit Salad (The Wiggles Sound System Remix)
3. Bouncing Balls (The Wiggles Sound System Remix)
4. Five Little Ducks (The Wiggles Sound System Remix)
5. Wags The Dog, He Likes To Tango (The Wiggles Sound System Remix)
6. Baby Shark (The Wiggles Sound System Remix)
7. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (The Wiggles Sound System Remix)
Cat No: ABCK0017
Barcode: 198391984976
Packaging: LP (100g)

Step into the wacky, whimsical world of 'The Wiggles Sound System: Rave of Innocence' - an electrifying fusion of nostalgia and party-starting techno beats!
It's the remix album of nostalgic Wiggles hits you know and love. Brace yourself for a generation-spanning rollercoaster ride - a pulsating musical journey that's part wild dancefloor party, part toddler tantrum tamer.

Get ready to rediscover your childhood favourites like never before as these classic Wiggles hits are remixed by the dynamic duo of DJ Dorothy the Dinosaur and Lenny Pearce (Justice Crew, twin brother of Purple Wiggle, John).
Featuring EDM remixes of iconic earworms such as 'Hot Potato', 'Fruit Salad', 'Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga', Big Red Car', as well as a reworking of The Wiggles' latest viral hit, 'Bouncing Balls', this album is a vibrant celebration of joy, silliness, and pure fun.

Perfectly crafted for adults who grew up dancing along to The Wiggles, it's the ultimate soundtrack for reliving cherished memories and creating new ones. This album isn't just a trip down memory lane - it's a full-blown rave for grown-up Wiggle fans who refuse to let go of their inner child. So dust off those glow sticks and grab your favorite plush toy ready because The Wiggles are here to party like never before!

Whether you're reliving your childhood or introducing the next generation to the magic of The Wiggles, get ready to rave like there's no bedtime in sight!
Embrace the nostalgia, embrace the silliness, and let the music transport you to a world where every moment is filled with laughter and dance.

The Wiggles Sound System made its live debut at the sold-out Hello Sunshine Festival in Melbourne, in March 2024.
DJ Dorothy and The Wiggles Sound System will be performing late night DJ sets at adult nightclubs around Australia throughout 2024, in shows that are bound to put smiles on dials.
Lenny Pearce has become somewhat of an online sensation, with over 1 million TikTok followers enjoying his regular popular EDM remixes of unlikely kids music tunes and other novelty songs.