6CD released: Jul 07, 2023

Disc 1 : Here Comes My Baby
1. Here Comes My Baby
2. Run Baby Run (Back Into My Arms)
3. My Town
4. Round And Round
5. What A State I'm In
6. Loving You (Is Sweeter Than Ever)
7. Good Day Sunshine
8. You
9. Let Your Hair Hang Down
10. Shake Hands (And Come Out Crying)
11. When I'm With Her
12. Even The Band Times Are Good
13. Here Comes My Baby (Uk Single Version)
14. Gentleman Of Pleasure
15. Jenny's Alright
16. Be Mine (Mi Seguirai)
17. Here Comes My Baby
18. Run Baby Run (Back Into My Arms)
19. My Town
20. Round And Round
21. What A State I'm In
22. Loving You (Is Sweeter Than Ever)
23. Good Day Sunshine
24. You
25. Let Your Hair Hang Down
26. Shake Hands (And Come Out Crying)
27. When I'm With Her
28. Even The Bad Times Are Good
29. Even The Bad Times Are Good (Alternative Stereo Version)
Disc 2 : Happy Song
1. Happy Song
2. Running Out
3. Negotiations In Soho Square
4. Suddenly Winter
5. Sunshine Games
6. Silence Is Golden
7. Norman Stanley Jones St. Clair
8. Cool Jerk
9. I'm With You All The Way
10. Sing Sorta Swingle
11. Too Many Fish In The Sea
12. Come On Home
13. Sing Sorta Swingle (Alternative Mono Version)
14. On Love
15. Every Little Bit Hurts
16. No, No, No (Fast Version)
17. Happy Song
18. Running Out
19. Negotiations In Soho Square
20. Suddenly Winter
21. Sunshine Games
22. Silence Is Golden
23. Norman Stanley Jones St. Clair
24. Cool Jerk
25. I'm With You All The Way
26. Sing Sorta Swingle
27. Too Many Fish In The Sea
28. Come On Home
29. Sing Sorta Swingle (Alternative Stereo Version)
Disc 3 : Suddenly You Love Me
1. Suddenly You Love Me
2. As You Are
3. Helule Helule
4. Girl From Nowhere
5. My Little Lady
6. All The World To Me
7. You Don't Know Like I Know
8. Show Me
9. I Take What I Want
10. Reach Out I'll Be There
11. Peggy Sue
12. Everyday
13. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
14. Rag Doll
15. I'll See You There
16. Willie And The Hand Jive
17. Helule Helule
18. Girl From Nowhere
19. Alley Oop
20. Travelling Circus
21. Ain't Nothin' But A House Party
22. Suddenly You Love Me
23. You Don't Know Like I Know
24. Show Me
25. Be Mine
26. I Take What I Want
27. Reach Out I'll Be There
28. E In Silenzio (Silence Is Golden, Italian Language Version)
Disc 4 : I Shall Be Released
1. I Shall Be Released
2. I Miss My Baby
3. I'm Gonna Try
4. I Will See You There (Single Version)
5. En Tu Mundo
6. Hello World
7. Up, Down, All Around
8. Once On A Sunday Morning (Cuandro Sali De Cuba)
9. Fa La La, La La, La Le
10. Sadness Of Tomorrow
11. (call Me) Number One
12. Instant Whip
13. Run Baby Run (Back Into My Arms)
14. Shake Hands (And Come Out Crying)
15. Hello World
16. My Little Lady
17. Angel Of The Morning
18. Games People Play
19. Proud Mary
20. Blessed
21. Here Comes My Baby
22. En Tu Mundo
23. Mountain Dew
24. Fbi
25. I Shall Be Released
26. Silence Is Golden
27. Even The Bad Times Are Good
28. Suddenly You Love Me
29. Good Times
30. Wait On Me
31. Long Road
Disc 5 : Now's The Time
1. Now's The Time
2. Try Me
3. But Then I
4. Before I Sleep
5. Boola Boola
6. I Swear
7. Baby
8. By The Way
9. Willow Tree
10. Me And My Life
11. Wait On Me (Alternative Version)
12. What Can I Do
13. Yellow River (Version 1)
14. Breakheart Motel
15. Right Wheel, Left Hammer, Sham
16. Take It Easy
17. Hello Buddy
18. My Woman
19. Right Wheel, Left Hammer, Sham (2000 Stereo Mix)
20. Yellow River (Version 2)
21. No Comprendes (Yellow River, Spanish Language Version)
22. Jacqueline (Hello World, Italian Language Version)
23. (call Me) Number One (2000 Stereo Mix)
24. May Morning
25. All Pull Together
26. Till The Sun Goes Down
27. Turn On With Thee
28. I Can't Even Breathe Down Here
29. May Morning (Reprise 1)
30. Anything
31. Think Of What You Said
32. Beer Duel
33. Hard Time
34. I'll Take You Home
35. Bunch Of Rapes
36. May Morning (Reprise 2)
37. I You Know (Version 1)
38. Anything (Reprise 1)
39. I You Know (Version 2)
40. Remember Looking Back
41. No, No, No
42. Please No More Sad Songs
43. Too Late (To Be Saved)
44. If You Ever
45. How Can You Say Goodbye
46. Heaven Knows Why
47. I Like It That Way
48. Wakamaker
Barcode: 5013929187108
Packaging: 6CD Regular Box Set

Six CD set. The Complete CBS Recordings 1966-72 is unquestionably THE definitive anthology of one of the most successful British pop groups of the late æ60s. Doing exactly what it says on the tin, this release features every note of the band's recordings during their halcyon days with CBS. Huge hit singles ('Here Comes My Baby', 'Even The Bad Times Are Good', 'Silence Is Golden', '(Call Me) Number One' etc) highly-regarded psych-pop B-sides, criminally overlooked album tracks, alternative versions, outtakes, foreign language recordings, a live cabaret album and even the first-ever full release of the complete sessions for the 1970 cult movie May Morning, The Complete CBS Recordings gathers everything under one roof for the first - and, almost certainly, the last - time. Featuring no less than 165 tracks in mono, full fat stereo and even electronically-processed stereo (the way the band's mono-only early recordings were heard at the time in more stereo-oriented countries such as the USA), The Complete CBS Recordings is an essential purchase for both the band's numerous fans and admirers of late Sixties/early Seventies British pop in general. Containing over seven hours of music across six CDs, this stunning package includes a lavish 32-page booklet with a new 5000 word essay on the band's career, numerous band quotes and a huge number of extremely rare photos of the band in their youthful prime.