CD released: Jun 14, 2024

1. The Empress
2. The Magician
3. About Me
4. What We Earn
5. We Hang On
6. The Fool
7. Tired Of Lying
8. The Dirtiest Things
9. The High Priestess
10. It Will Always Be
Cat No: PNE4062
Barcode: 810540036670
Packaging: CD Sleeve

Alternative rock group The Early November is thrilled to announce their forthcoming SelfTitled album, set for release on June 14th via Pure Noise Records. Featuring lead single
'What We Earn', The Early November is a 10 song collection that pays homage to who the
band is, was, and has yet to become.
On the new single, frontman Ace Enders shares: '’What We Earn’ was the first song written
for the album, and probably the most intense as well. It’s about the realization that the glass
ceiling over our heads is supported by the walls we build throughout our lives.'
After two decades, it would be all too easy for a band to just phone it in—capitalize on the
fanbase they’ve built up in that time and just make a watered-down version of themselves.
Not for The Early November, however. Ever since forming in New Jersey in 2001, the band,
now consisting of front man Ace Enders and founding drummer Jeff Kummer— have
constantly been striving to find the best and most definitive version of themselves. With this
self-titled record, the seventh studio album of their career, the duo have come as close as is
possible to doing so. It’s an album that ties the past, present and future all together, and as
such, it marks what Enders calls a 'period or exclamation point in our sentence'. It’s not a
new beginning, per se, but nevertheless something emphatic that signifies, in Enders’ words
again, 'a pivotal moment' for them both.