LP released: Mar 31, 2023

Side A
1. Saudade As Destiny (Intro)
2. The Longer We Do This, The Easier It Will Be...
3. The Last Shake Of The Bag
4. It's People Like You, That Make Me Hate People Like You
5. I'm Not The One Who Just Wants To Be Friends
Side B
1. Sleeping With Your Ghost / Here Comes The Sleepless Nights She Brings
2. I'm Tired. I'm Leaving.. Thanks For Believing... Goodbye
3. Become What You Are (End Credits)

Beloved sons of South-East Queensland, The Daisycutters celebrate their silver jubilee with the release of a brand-new album, titled 'Become What You Are'.

The Daisycutters sound follows in the great tradition of fantastic Australian rock bands such as Powderfinger, Silverchair, Midnight Oil, AC/DC and The Saints.
Released via Madcap Global Music, 'Become What You Are' was recorded by the band's longtime producer Jeff Lovejoy at Black Box Studios in Brisbane and mastered by Matthew Gray.

"This is the first album we've ever written from scratch. In the past we've always had songs written, but this time we wrote them all specifically for the album," The Daisycutters frontman (and vocalist) Cameron Wilson says.
"We were lucky enough to be allowed to indulge all of our sonic desires, and it was also the most enjoyable recording process I can remember. I think now we are older we really enjoy the process of recording rather than just trying to 'freight train' through to completion."

Over the course of their discography, The Daisycutters have blossomed from pop-punk darlings to distinguished gentlemen of rock. The 'Become What You Are' album release is accompanied by new music videos as well as a documentary film with Australian radio legend Costa Zouliou chronicling The Daisycutters' incredible 25-year career.

The Daisycutters will be touring in support of 'Become What You Are', with dates to be announced soon.

"The band collectively agree," Cameron states, "it's our best work to date, and an incredible soundtrack and snapshot of a time in our lives, which I think we will look back on and be very proud of."

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