CD released: Jan 12, 2024

Side A
1. Deaths And Entrances
2. Bills And Pills
3. Mayday Mayday
4. Enough Is Never Enough
5. Hall Of Fame
6. Car Song
7. Danny'S Working Like A Dog
Side B
1. Feels So Real
2. Advertise Me
3. Modern City Living (All We Are)
4. Life In A Day
5. Lost In The Moment
6. Westway

After an extensive tour of the UK at the end of 2022, the band decided to head into the studio to record their first long
form offering. Following a passion for storytelling, they pulled together influences from Pulp Fiction to Fleabag, from Zadie Smith to
Edward Hopper. They wrote relentlessly during 2022, diligently crafting what was to become this debut album. Released
independently on their own Life and Times Recordings, Exit Strategy is a 13-track labour of love, recorded at Abbey Road Studios and
Love Electric, enlisting the production smarts of Bernard Butler. The album is in two halves (divided literally by the two sides of the
vinyl edition) entitled Galway and London and presents a multifaceted band, pushing themselves and exploring the limits of their
Exit Strategy centres around a protagonist who moves from Galway to London in search of meaning, certain that, as the main
character in the film of his own life, the solution lies in changing his surroundings and acting as someone he's not. Both a mirror and
a portal, the album promises encounters with manipulative bosses, evil ad agencies, a broken pact to flee to Australia, run-ins with
the law, cheating boyfriends, drug fuelled youths, heartache, paranoia, social media anxiety and a drunk singer dressed as Jesus.
Thematically the album races between emotions, between irony and sincerity, between soul searching and tongue-in-cheek finger
pointing and ends where it all started, both musically and in terms of single rollout, with the nostalgic/euphoric first single Westway.

Explaining the album's genesis and cinematic influence, James McGregor says: "We were always sure we wanted the album to be
greater than the sum of its parts, so decided to create the world of a film, entitled Exit Strategy. We envisaged the record as a series
of snapshots, telling the story of a group of characters trying to navigate through life."
Hallmarked more by a philosophy than a sound, The Clockworks weave pop sensibilities with noisy, post-punk, rock-influenced
stylings. The songs seem swaggering and dark yet often have an epic, nostalgic quality. They sit poetic introspection beside witty,
kitchen sink drama to create something intense but playful.
With the release of Exit Strategy, The Clockworks have created a world to be explored, to be analysed and to be deciphered, but
most importantly to be felt.

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