2LP released: Sep 29, 2023

Side A
1. Judgment
2. Jacked
3. Undefined Charges
4. High Surge
5. Upper Reaches
6. Disorder In The Court
7. Return Fire
Side B
1. Slowly But Surely
2. A New Plan
3. Smarter Men Than We
4. Shibboleth
5. Not So Fast
6. The Last Stretch
7. Comms Online
Side A
1. Gauntlet
2. What It Takes
3. Hold The Line
4. Tower Of Lightmass
5. Enemy Unveiled
6. Around The Court
7. Against All Reason
Side B
1. Forbidden Streets
2. Asset Recovery
3. Evac Zone
4. Fair And Swift
5. Ulterior Motive
6. Vantage Point
7. Taking A Stand
8. Pendulum Swings
9. Charges Dropped

The Coalition and Laced Records have freed the Gears of War: Judgment soundtrack from its bonds of captivity and are
unleashing it onto vinyl.
30 remastered tracks will be pressed onto deep red and blue heavyweight discs that will slip into a deluxe gatefold sleeve.?
For the fourth Gears of War game, composers Steve Jablonsky (Gears of War 2 and 3) and Jacob Shea produced a simmering,
industrial soundscape made up of huge-sounding synths, crunchy guitar tones and spare orchestral elements. Tightly structured,
emotionally taut cues soundtracked a story framed by Damon Baird and Kilo Squad's military tribunal.