CD released: Jul 12, 2024

1. Freefall
2. Taste Of Heaven
3. Search For More
4. My Voice For You
5. Against The Wind
6. Our Time Is Now
7. Hypnotized
8. Tonight
9. A Time Around Us
10. Runnin' Out Of Time Ii
11. Different Me Outside
Cat No: FRCD1413
Barcode: 8024391141328
Packaging: CD Jewel Case

While the debut was produced by the legendary Jeff Scott Soto and Italian mastermind
Alessandro Del Vecchio, SPEKTRA comes back with their sophomore album proving that
they are more than just a band – they are an immersive experience. Their sound resonates
with the influences of rock masters like Journey, Foreigner, and Winger, delivering a
symphony of stadium rock melodies and high-energy hard rock vibes.
Within SPEKTRA, each member contributes a unique element to the band's harmonious
tapestry. BJ, the lead vocalist, takes center stage with his commanding voice, leading the
charge in delivering the band's melodic prowess. The lineup also features Leo Mancini, a
skilled guitarist with over 25 years of experience, adding layers of intricate melodies to the
mix. Henrique Canalle, a seasoned bass player and producer, brings depth and precision to
the band's sound, while Edu Cominato, a passionate drummer with a rich history of
collaborations, provides the rhythmic heartbeat that propels SPEKTRA's immersive musical
experience. Together, these talented individuals form the powerhouse that is SPEKTRA,
creating a musical synergy that transcends boundaries and promises to leave an indelible
mark on the global rock scene.