LP released: Jan 17, 2020
(Item no longer available)

Side 1
1. Six Million Steps
2. You
3. Let Yourself Go
1. Disco Madness
2. Dabooza
3. Down The Way
4. The Rock
Cat No: COS030LP
Barcode: 820250003015
Packaging: LP Regular

In a genre that has classically been driven
primarily by hot twelve-inches, it can sometimes be
hard to find a disco album that delivers the goods
from end to end-let alone a disco LP that could be
described as "perfect." Does such an animal
even exist? We're pretty sure it has to, and we can
probably think of a few candidates ourselves.
Cultures of Soul Records presents Sparkle's
self-titled album which many disco aficionados
would put into this category.
Sparkle was a female vocal trio from Connecticut,
assembled by the producer Harold Sargent,
erstwhile drummer of the sterling funk band Wood,
Brass & Steel, and creator of manifold drum
breaks that would go on to be sampled for
decades. Originally released in 1979, the album
and the group are fittingly titled as the music is
a scintillating, radiant collection of shimmering
disco and dazzling funk, performed by
Too Much Too Soon-the multiracial R&B band
that featured Evan Rogers and Carl Sturken,
the writing/production team that would
discover Rihanna and power her career to global
dominance fifteen years later.
Also on hand is musical prodigy Rahni Harris,
whose Sargent-assisted club classic "Six Million
Steps" is also included on the album.
The result is an album that by far exceeds the sum
of its parts, delivering a truly transcendent disco