3LP released: Oct 06, 2023

Side A
1. Teth-adam
2. Kahndaq
3. The Awakening
4. The Revolution Starts
5. Introducing The Jsa
Side B
1. Shaza-superman
2. Our Only Hope
3. Change Your Name
4. What Kind Of Magic?
5. Is It The Champion?
6. Your Enemies
7. Black Adam Spotted
8. Not Interested
9. Just Say Shazam
Side C
1. Ancient Palace
2. Little Man
3. Time To Go
4. Release Him
5. Father & Son
6. Black Adam Theme
7. Fly Bikes
8. Nanobots
Side D
1. Through The Wall
2. 23lbs Of Eternium
3. Is This The End?
4. It Was Him
5. Lake Baikal
6. Capes And Corpses
7. Hawkman's Fate
Side E
1. The Jsa Fights Back
2. A Bad Plan Is A Good Plan
3. Dr. Fate
4. Prison Break
5. Wet Rocks
6. Not A Hero
7. The Doctor's Destiny
8. Slave Champion
9. Legions Of Hell
10. The Man In Black
Side F
1. Adam's Journey
2. The Justice Society Theme
3. Black Adam Theme (Izniik Remix)
4. The Justice Society Theme (Izniik Remix)
Label: MONDO
Cat No: MOND291B
Barcode: 810041488886
Packaging: 3LP (700g)

Composer Lorne Balfe's overall musical and philosophical approach to Black Adam was 'to get the emotion and darkness of the main characters back story across to the audience, whilst simultaneously intertwining the old themes and familiarities of the DC comic book world and introducing a new class of superheroes." He further noted "One way to bring in the feeling of an ancient world together was to collaborate with traditional instruments from Latin America, India, Africa and the Middle East. A particular highlight for me was a percussion session I did where we enlisted several musicians playing various traditional instruments together to achieve this specific sound. Further, we had a large brass section across the score to give the weight and power of the main character's past, which I balanced out with high tempo, more melodic sounds to give the audience that more familiar heroic feel. We also experimented a lot with choir on this project which was able to contribute a unique and classical sound that ties in nicely with Black Adam's story."

Composed by Lorne Balfe
Artwork by Luke Preece
3x 180 Gram Black Vinyl
Manufactured in Czech Republic