2LP released: Sep 29, 2023

Side A
1. Martial Mastery
2. The Wuguan
3. A Taste Of Revenge
4. Sifu_S Death
5. Enter The Gang Turf
6. Collecting Debts
7. Money In The Trashbags
8. Twin Villains
9. Smell Of Drugs
Side B
1. Isolated In Nature
2. Crash The Dancefloor
3. Clash In The Pit
4. Blood Is On Fire
5. Flames Of War
Side C
1. Discovering Art (Part.1)
2. Discovering Art (Part.2)
3. Discovering Art (Part.3)
4. Diving Massacre
5. The Iceberg
6. Haze
7. Snow Of Carnage
8. Gold Pluck
9. Surveillance
10. The Drop
Side D
1. Going Deep
2. Lygophobia
3. Day Of Judgment
4. Sanctuary
5. Fearless
6. Martial Mastery (Game Version)
Cat No: LMLP173
Barcode: 5024545973112
Packaging: 2LP Double Gatefold Sleeve

Sloclap and Laced Records are bringing the palpitating beats of Sifu to vinyl with this deluxe double LP.
30 tracks from the kung fu brawler have been specially remastered for the format, to be pressed to heavyweight discs in red and
black. Sleeve artwork is by the Sloclap team, with art direction by Paul-Emile Boucher and illustration by Servane Altermatt and Chen-
Yang Hsu.
Howie Lee is a consummate creative, a visual artist and experimental club music producer-DJ unafraid to fuse traditional Chinese
instrumental palettes with sampled and synthesised electronic elements. Sifu's brutal musical blend helps keep players on the razor's
edge - truly the result of mastery through practice. Gongs, gamelan, bamboo flute and big Chinese percussion sets interlace with the
sounds of dub, techno and drum and bass in a soundtrack that bristles with tension and revenge.