2CD released: Jun 14, 2024

1. Beginnings Are Such Delicate Times
2. Eclipse
3. The Sietch
4. Water Of Life
5. A Time Of Quiet Between The Storms
6. Harvester Attack
7. Worm Ride
8. Ornithopter Attack
9. Each Man Is A Little War
10. Harkonnen Arena
11. Spice
12. Seduction
13. Never Lose Me
14. Travel South
15. Paul Drinks
16. Resurrection
17. Arrival
18. Southern Messiah
19. The Emperor
20. Worm Army
21. Gurney Battle
22. You Fought Well
23. Kiss The Ring
24. Only I Will Remain
25. Lisan Al Gaib
Cat No: MBM004CD
Barcode: 0810155840174
Packaging: 2CD Digipak

* 2 CD Factory printed fold-out Digibook
* Booklet featuring Liner Notes by Denis Villenvue & Hans Zimmer
* Artwork by Greg Ruth

Mutant, in partnership with WaterTower Music, is proud to present the physical release of the soundtrack to Dune: Part Two, featuring a score by Academy Award -winning composer Hans Zimmer.

Hans Zimmer's score to Dune: Part Two is a majestic and sweeping masterpiece, befitting one of the year's best films. Hans Zimmer is a master of contemplative and epic themes, delivering both equally here. The love themes are beautiful and tender, while the battle cries are bolder and more significant than ever, transporting you to faraway lands you want to get lost in forever.

Working with illustrator Greg Ruth (Dune: Part One, The Dune Sketchbook) to create artwork for the premiere physical release has been an incredible and fruitful experience. Our intent was always to mix the epic and the intimate with this release and push ourselves to deliver the definitive Dune: Part Two experience that both casual fans and obsessives alike could cherish. It is an honour to contribute in some small way to the incredible world that Denis and Hans have created.

Dune: Part Two comes as a double CD digipack housed inside a card slipcase featuring a booklet with liner notes by Hans Zimmer and Denis Villeneuve.