CD released: Aug 04, 2009

1. (aleph) Let The Dead Bury Their Dead, You Go Preach The Kingdom Of God
2. (beth) Javanese
3. (gimel) The Teeth
4. (daleth) Kitchen Qualify
5. (he) Rudolph
6. (waw) Screaming Lobster
7. (zayin) Threewise
8. (heth) Saturn Ring Hula
9. (teth) Hangtime
10. (yod) Sawp Jaws
11. (kaph) Ahasuerus Jig
12. (lamed) Forever O Lord Your Word Is Settled In Heaven
13. (mem) Sweeter Than Honey
14. (nun) Your Testimonies
15. (samek) Zizzer
16. (ayin) Jauncy Burza
17. (pe) Tack & Yearn
18. (tsadde) Bornn
19. (qoph) Scottish Yak
20. (resh) Jauncy Burza
21. (shin) Big Bear Cassiopeia
22. (tau) Persian Earball
Cat No: SF22CD
Barcode: 0656605552224
Packaging: CD Jewel Case

It's only fitting that for Soul-Junk's auspicious 1960 release, the stylistically dizzying San Diego-based band has returned to the comfy confines of Sounds Familiar, home of their musically adventurous cross-continental kinfolk Danielson. Recorded at Danielson's New Jerusalem Recreation Room studio in South Jersey and co-produced by Glen Galloway and Daniel C. Smith, 1960 is S-J's eleventh album - as in, counting upwards since their 1995 debut long-player 1950, and aside from the numerous EPs, singles and fruitful collaborations along the way.

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