CD released: Apr 26, 2024

1. Dem Gone
2. In This Time
3. Acting Like That (Feat. Joe Yorke)
4. Aroma
5. My Youth
6. Money & Ting
7. Pass Them
8. Don't It (Feat. Spectacular)
9. Irie Ites Don't Dub
10. Irie Ites In This Dub
11. Irie Ites Acting Like Dub
12. Irie Ites Dem Gone Dub

"Solo Banton is one of the big names in modern reggae. Author of numerous hits, he is well known to fans of big bass. His performances at Dub festivals and parties are always noticed. With his imposing voice and devastating flow, Solo Banton is a stage beast who crushes everything in his path.

In 2023, following a series of shows with the Irie Ites sound and label, the 2 partners decided to join forces to produce Solo's new album. Thanks to tailor-made riddims and hard work in the studio, the result is a 12-track project, including 2 magnificent features with new British reggae sensation Joe Yorke and Jamaican ghetto voice Burnin' Spectacular.

3 extracts from this project are already available, the moving Dem Gone reminding us to love the people around us before they disappear, the powerful Pass Them where Solo advises us to make our own way without worrying about the jealous and the backbiting, and finally the terrific combination Don't It with Jamaican Spectacular, a true soundsystem anthem where the 2 artists ride their flow to perfection on a version of the Ram Dancehall Riddim.

As for musical production, Solo Banton and Irie Ites are surrounded by renowned musicians such as Russ Disciples, The Ligerians, West Finga and Irie Ites All Stars... All mixed by Roberto Sanchez and Irie Ites.

The result is simply breathtaking, showcasing Solo's songwriting talent, technique and vocal power. ""In This Time"" is a landmark album in Solo Banton's career and is sure to become a classic in the Irie Ites Records catalog."