LP released: Feb 02, 2024

Side A
1. His Masterpiece
2. Lebanon Rising
3. Everything
Side B
1. Tear Gas
2. That Morning
Cat No: BS3LP
Barcode: 5053760113478
Packaging: LP (100g)

Skydaddy, the moniker of London based musician and bandleader Rachid Fakhre, has announced his debut EP, Pilot,
releasing on the 2 February 2024. Alongside this announcement, Skydaddy has shared a new single 'His Masterpiece'
Having spent the last few years writing and producing as one half of the acclaimed musical duo Spang Sisters, Skydaddy's debut EP
Pilot promises to be a ray of light bursting out from an increasingly busy London indie scene. Combining cello, violin, flute, piano and
intricate vocal harmonies, Skydaddy cuts an utterly compelling figure, leading a fluid and interchangeable band, at its largest 7 people
strong, they delicately glide through intricate passages of chamber-folk-rock, into swelling orchestral crescendos.
Released today is new single 'His Masterpiece' a piano driven track bristling with both a sense of hope and of melancholy. Skydaddy's
vocals sit alongside ear worm hooks from violins and flute. Following on from debut single 'That Morning' (also on upcoming EP Pilot)
Skydaddy manages to capture a sound of yearning and nostalgia, whilst still sounding completely fresh and incredibly exciting.
Offering insight on the inspiration on the track, he offers:
"Inspired by the story of Claude Lantier from Emilie Zola's L' uvre (Commonly translated to 'His Masterpiece'), the song charts the
plight of an early impressionist painter in Paris whose works are unappreciated and gawked at by the Parisian artistic elite who are
still tethered to the Romantic trend in painting. Lantier (whose character is based on Paul C zanne) becomes madly obsessed in a
painting which he believes to be his masterpiece and the ultimate demonstration of his talent and genius; an obsession which leads to
his eventual, self-inflicted demise. The song is ultimately about alienation, bitterness and the struggle of creativity."