CD released: Jan 31, 2020

1. Mathilde - Scott Walker
2. My Death - Scott Walker
3. Amsterdam - Scott Walker
4. Jackie - Scott Walker
5. Next - Scott Walker
6. The Girls And The Dogs - Scott Walker
7. Sons Of - Scott Walker
8. Funeral Tango - Scott Walker
9. If You Go Away - Scott Walker
10. Mathilde - Jacques Brel
11. La Mort - Jacques Brel
12. Amsterdam - Jacques Brel
13. Le Chanson De Jacky - Jacques Brel
14. Au Suivant - Jacques Brel
15. Les Filles Et Les Chiens - Jacques Brel
16. Fils De - Jacques Brel
17. Tango Fun Bre - Jacques Brel
18. Ne Me Quitte Pas - Jacques Brel
19. Seul - Jacques Brel
Label: ACE
Cat No: CDTOP1565
Barcode: 029667097420
Packaging: CD Regular

Many in the English-speaking world first heard of Jacques
Brel through Scott Walker's championing, yet when Scott
launched his post-Walker Brothers solo career with his
recording of Brel's 'Jackie' in 1967, Brel had been an
enormous star in France for years. That lofty status was
remarkable, given Brel's lyrical obsessions with doomed
romance, loneliness, prostitution and death. As he said in
1966, "I'm obsessed by those things that are ugly and
sordid, that people don't want to talk about, as if they were
afraid of touching a wound that might soil them."
It was American songwriter Mort Shuman who, by
remaining as faithful as he could to Brel's original words,
transformed several key chansons into versions English-
speaking audiences could relate to. Scott, however, was
introduced to Brel's songs by his chanson-loving German
girlfriend, who would translate them for him. He was
immediately smitten. Meanwhile, a demo disc of Shuman's
translations had reached Stones manager Andrew Loog
Oldham, who in due course passed the disc to Scott.
Brel's impassioned narrative-based compositions had a
profound impact on Scott, shaping the creation of his own
increasingly meditative and dramatic songs. His first three
solo albums - produced by John Franz with superb
orchestral arrangements by Wally Stott, Peter Knight &
Reg Guest - would each feature Brel songs. "With those
albums, I was very excited having discovered chanson and
Brel," Scott would recall decades later. "When I hear some-
thing I get excited about, I think everyone should hear it."
This new Ace compilation comprises Scott's
interpretations of the nine Brel songs featured on his
"Scott", "Scott 2" and "Scott 3" albums, followed by Brel's
own French language originals, plus Brel's version of
'Seul', a song Scott performed on his TV series but of
which made no studio recording. Packaged with a stylish
24-page booklet featuring essays on Scott Walker and
Jacques Brel by Ian Johnston and Kris Needs respectively.