LP released: Sep 22, 2023

1. Showing Up
2. One Day At A Time
3. Fine Lines
4. Common Sense (Lovebombed)
5. Guiding Star (Ft. Sasha Desree)
6. Isolation
7. An Opportunity
8. Time Keeps Slipping (Ft. Rexy)
9. Evidence
10. More Than A Feeling
11. C U Clear
Cat No: LUCKY167LP
Barcode: 689492217518
Packaging: LP (100g)

On her long-awaited debut album, Showing Up, the former Friends-frontwoman Samantha Urbani goes out to bat for
her beliefs, and pours a decade of tumult and personal growth into the sort of irresistibly loose-limbed, retro-leaning alt-pop that has
always been her specialty.
It's Urbani's innate ability to hit the sweet spot between heady pop melodies and unfettered experimentation that makes Showing Up
such a compelling collection, from the celestial disco shimmer of 'Isolation' and 'Guiding Star' to the Jam & Lewis stylings of 'c u clear'
and the Santigold-esque funk-pop of 'Time Keeps Slipping'. With shades of Rapture-era Blondie meets LCD Soundsystem, 'One Day
At A Time' features louche slap bass and sliding Talking Heads-esque synths whilst 'Evidence', powered by gated drums, is 80s new
wave/freestyle by way of Miami Sound Machine/Lisa Lisa/Nu Shooz.
Co-produced by Samantha with Nick Weiss (Nightfeelings), the album is in keeping with Urbani's predilection for spontaneity, with an
organic approach to collaboration and contributions from close friends including Eric Cross, John Caroll Kirby, Rostam Batmanglij,
Molly Lewis and Sasha Desree, as well as Sade's right-hand man Stuart Matthewman.
'Showing Up' is a deeply uplifting record - created on Urbani's own terms - and one that's testament to the spirit of survival. And as
overdue as its release might feel for fans, Samantha firmly believes Showing Up couldn't have arrived a single second sooner.