CD released: Mar 24, 2023

1. Kang Admi
2. Glory Of The Abominable Part 1
3. Glory Of The Abominable Part 2
4. Humans Are For Eating Sub Zero Slaughter
5. Prey For The Yeti
6. At The End Of The Rope
7. We Are Coming For You
8. A Bloody Snowtrail Part 1
9. A Bloody Snowtrail Part 2
10. Diary Of An Explorer
11. Captured In Ice
12. Mount Everest Reconnaissance 1
13. Mount Everest Reconnaissance 2
14. All Hail The Abominable Snowman
15. That Witch Hunts The Night
16. The Love Torture
17. Claw Decapitation Part 1
18. Claw Decapitation Part 2
19. A Banquet For The Yeti
20. Ravaged By The Yeti
21. Apex Predator
22. Last Seconds Before A Yeti Kills You
23. Natural Freezer Ode
Label: SIS
Cat No: 1153152
Barcode: 4034677233870
Packaging: CD Digipak

FOR FANS OF: NAPALM DEATH, TERRORIZER, MASSACRE. "Apex Predator" is RAVAGED BY THE YETI¦s first studio album. It's the new band from the MASSACRE members Michael Borders, Rogga Johansson and Jonny Pettersson. The longplayer can be counted as another milestone in the Grindcore / Death Metal scene and proves that they are true masters with insane melodies!