2CD released: Feb 02, 2024

1. Main Title (From "Game Of Thrones")
2. The Heirs Of The Dragon
3. Reign Of The Targaryens
4. Rhaenyra'S Welcome
5. A Pack Of Hounds
6. The Tournament
7. An Impossible Choice
8. The Rogue Prince
9. The Prince That Was Promised
10. Compromise And Consequences
11. The Power Of Prophecy
12. Trouble In The Stepstones
13. Surrender
14. King Of The Narrow Sea
15. Whatever May Come
16. Lanters At Nightfall
17. House Velaryon
18. The Green Dress
19. First Dance
20. Celebration Dance
21. Targaryen Dance
22. We Light The Way
23. Destiny
24. Pass Judgement
25. Funeral By The Sea
26. Daemon And Rhaenyra
27. Aemond Rides Vhagar
28. The Hard Truth
29. Sealed In Fire And Blood
30. Protector Of The Realm
31. The Silent Sisters
32. The Language Of Girls
33. A Warning
34. Lament
35. Fate Of The Kingdom
36. Interests Of The Realm
37. Coronation
38. Dragons Will Rule The Kingdom
39. The Crown Of Jaehaerys
40. Dragons Do Not Fear Blood
41. Death And Rebirth
42. True Meaning Of Loyalty
43. Bloodlines Will Burn
44. The Promise

WaterTower Music today announced the release of the eagerly-awaited House of the Dragon: Season 1 (Soundtrack
from the HBO Series), featuring 44 tracks from the first season of House of the Dragon, the Game of Thrones prequel which aired
on HBO and HBO Max in August, and whose final season aired last night. All the music for the soundtrack was created by Emmy
Award-winning and Grammy -nominated composer Ramin Djawadi, responsible for the immensely popular scores for HBO's Game of
Thrones and Westworld.