LP released: Aug 09, 2024

1. Never Be Lonely
2. Pink Smoke
3. More Lost
4. Apparition 03:04
5. Grief Has Feathers
6. Oyster Cuts
7. Screensaver
8. If Only
9. Fake Flowers
10. Reckless
Label: MERGE
Cat No: MRG856LP
Barcode: 673855085616
Packaging: LP (100g)

Oyster Cuts, the Merge Records debut of Quivers, finds the Melbourne, Australia-based outfit awash in the kind of emotions people tend to fear losing themselves in. Finding love after grief, the outsized guitar pop of Quivers gleams like the surface of an ocean, beneath which lies a reef that is at turns beautiful and painful, its features alien and sharp enough to wound. Propelled by melodies that at times recall Galaxie 500 and The Pretenders, Quivers make music that is tender and tough, compelling the listener to dive in again and again, each song a new angle on all of your feelings. "All I ever wanted was a true friend / All I wanted was a friend with benefits / All I ever wanted was transcendence," sing Quinlan and Thomas at the outset of the album, and Oyster Cuts spools out into the horizon from there. The four members of Quivers are not only given to exploring this space but to filling as much of it with themselves as possible, locking in on each other no matter how hazy and chaotic matters of the heart can get. Every moment of catharsis Quivers conjure from the ether is an invitation to join them. Listening to them soar where others would ruminate, their invitation is impossible to resist.

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