12in EP released: Apr 28, 2023

Notice The Reverse
Beat Down Babylon
Moving With Time (Ft. Vanity Jay)

Elliot Garvey aka Quartz lands on Metalheadz Platinum for the first time with a bumper 6 piece offering titled
the 'Blacklist EP'.

Each track sets out to showcase a different element of Quartz's now distinctive sound, from the crunchy mid-range of
‘Blacklist’ to the ingenious edits of 'Beat Down Babylon', not forgetting the astutely effective use of vocals on 'Moving With
Time', provided by fellow Welsh talent Vanity Jay.

In many places, this release follows on from where 2021's 'Coercion EP' left off; another impressive result from an immensely
proficient producer who has now built himself into a fundamental part of Metalheadz's future.