2LP released: May 03, 2024

Side A
1. Mind Wandering | 9:26
2. Motionless | 7:13
Side B
1. The Mystic Moon | 8:19
2. The Unknown | 8:51
Side C
1. Depth Of Immersion | 9:01
2. Perfect Stranger | 8:20
Side D
1. Stay Up All Night | 5:42
2. Atmospheric Noise | 8:37

OUR man Quantec is nothing if not versatile. An aficionado of many styles including ambient, deep house, Detroit, dub, dubby electronics, experimental and roots reggae, he can turn his hand adeptly across the musical palette. For this his latest release on Neighbour Recordings it’s all about the ‘D’; deep ambient, drone and dub techno that’s dope with a capital ‘D’. Not for nothing is his album titled Journey of Mind. It’s a personal and self-assured trip from first note to last – not surprising for a producer with almost 25 years in the game – drifting as it does through contemplative sonic worlds and ethereal soundscapes. And while the label co-owner’s handiwork here is from the ‘less is more’ school of production, it’s nonetheless big on atmosphere with an undercurrent of drama or melody never too far away. Notable destinations on this journey include Depth of Immersion, Mind Wandering, Motionless and Perfect Stranger. Bon voyage.

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